Corr.BI Process

Corr.BI Data Mining

Collecting data from Closed and Open Sources through minimal user input.

Corr.BI Data Analysis

Providing effective intelligence to the user through machine learning.

Corr.BI Data Tracking

Monitoring business activities, updates and new network connections.

About Corr.BI

Team Members

Ron Shafran


Ron had an extensive career spanning over 15 years in an Elite Intelligence Unit in the IDF and in Israel's Prime Minister Office. Following his service, Ron was the Vice President of ISDS, sponsors of Rio 2016 Olympic Games, for 8 years. Ron holds an MBA from Ben Gurion University

Nir Benita


Nir served as an officer in Israel’s Elite Intelligence Unit (8200) for 11 years. He was the founder and CEO of Toryapp, an SMB app platform, and a technology advisor to several companies in the SMB field including EMX and X-One. Nir holds an LLB from Ono Academic College

Jacob Nizri

Active Chairman

Jacob is a serial entrepreneur Actively involved in the Digital Media industry in both Management and Entrepreneurship roles, for the past fifteen years. Led several purchases; M&A's and company-consolidations as part of the Ybrant Digital group, as Ybrant's President.

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